Structures and Space – 2016

“Structures and Space” is a site-specific work responding to the nature of the institute and its surrounding city of Vilnius. I have photographed the Institute and the surrounding buildings of Vilnius to create an abstract installation that brings the history of architecture and the city within the halls of the school. The University was founded in 1956 under the Soviet occupation. After Lithuania regained its freedom it was renamed after the countries’ most prominent historical figure, The Grand Duke Gediminas. This reclamation of identity culturally and historically is an example of how a building can have an emotional and powerful connection to human beings. Large-scale site-specific wall paintings directly embrace the photographs, extending their compositional framework, and embrace the architecture of the surrounding space, responding to doorways, inclines and angles. I am engaging the engineering hallway in an ongoing phenomenological discourse of space and the urban landscape that focuses on our subjective experience of architecture as positive and negative space as well as exterior and interior space.